The Student Alumni Association

The Auburn Student Alumni Association (SAA) is the student chapter of the national Auburn Alumni Association. Established in 1999, SAA is currently the largest student organization at Auburn, with an average of 3,500 members. SAA provides students with the opportunity to interact with other students as well as Auburn University alumni. As a member you will garner important leadership skills, network among peers and have a great time!

The Student Alumni Association also offers annual scholarships to rising seniors who are members of SAA. A dollar from each member’s dues goes toward this scholarship fund. Thanks again to all SAA members for your support.

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Benefits & Discounts

Student Alumni Association members are eligible for discounts at various local businesses. Show your member card (and, in some cases, a valid driver's license) at these locations:

Member Benefit Providers:



Camp War Eagle Donors

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Meet the Board

The Student Alumni Association board of directors is the governing body of the SAA. Our tasks include planning events and coordinating projects that help SAA members network with alumni and each other; raising scholarship funds; and building a stronger sense of connection to Auburn University in preparation for graduation. Members of the board are chosen through a highly selective application and interview process each November. Board members represent virtually ever sector of the Auburn student community.

The board is composed of six committees with a wide range of responsibilities. The public relations committees (Communications and Sponsorships) are in charge of the relationship between the Student Alumni Association and the community at large. These committees ensure that we raise sponsorship dollars to help fund our events throughout the year. The membership committees (Summer and Membership) deal with bringing in new members and renewing old memberships in the SAA. The campus relations committees (Events and Outreach) plan annual events such as the Beat Shirt parties associated with Auburn's home football games, and support community service projects such as Auburn's Big Event. In addition, the Outreach Committee oversees the annual SAA scholarship, which collects a dollar from each member's dues to be put toward a scholarship for rising seniors. Committees are composed of two chairmen and four to six board members who work under the direction of both chairmen to fulfill their responsibilities.


Board members proudly serve Auburn in many capacities. You may have seen these student leaders checking people in at the Alumni Hospitality Tent before home football games or working late on campus for Camp War Eagle, greeting incoming freshman and explaining the benefits of SAA membership. Board members also may serve as hosts of Auburn Alumni Association events. Some even represent the Auburn student body to alumni at club meetings across the nation. Still others welcome alumni and friends of Auburn to campus at events such as homecoming, Club Leadership Conference and award ceremonies.

The board oversees every SAA event, from conception to planning to implementation.

To be considered for the board, you must be a member of the SAA, so if you are interested in applying for a position on the board this fall, join the SAA today and get involved by attending some of our great events! Applications will be made available each October on this website.

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SAA Bylaws (PDF)

Jonathan Dismukes

Jonathan Dismukes, President
Major: Chemical Engineering

Morgan Gunter

Morgan Gunter, Executive Vice President
Major: Early Childhood Education

Adam Brown

Adam Brown, VP of Public Relations
Major: Economics

Ashley Bradley

Ashley Bradley, VP of Membership
Major: Social Work

Davis Shelfer

Davis Shelfer, VP of Events
Major: Sociology

William Davis

William Davis, VP of Sponsors
Major: Psychology

Parker Bell

Parker Bell, Board Member
Major: Aerospace Engineering

Hannah Carrell

Hannah Carrell, Board Member
Major: Early Childhood Education

Baily Crane

Baily Crane, Board Member
Major: Poultry Science (Pre-Vet)

Robbie  Cronk

Robbie Cronk, Board Member
Major: Biomedical Sciences

Rachel Dozier

Rachel Dozier, Board Member
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Kaitlyn Hickman

Kaitlyn Hickman, Board Member
Major: Microbiology

Taylor Johnson

Taylor Johnson, Board Member
Major: History/Politicial Science

Paige Lee

Paige Lee, Board Member
Major: International Business

Maddison Linder

Maddison Linder, Board Member
Major: Collaborative Special Education

Josh Littlefield

Josh Littlefield, Board Member
Major: Undeclared

Cory Mclauchlan 

Cory Mclauchlan , Board Member
Major: Entrepreneurship

Katie Osborn

Katie Osborn, Board Member
Major: Early Childhood Education

Jake Picicci

Jake Picicci, Board Member
Major: Biomedical Sciences

Breana Pitts

Breana Pitts, Board Member
Major: Exercise Science

Franklin Roberts

Franklin Roberts, Board Member
Major: Biomedical Sciences

Makenzie Rogers

Makenzie Rogers, Board Member
Major: Fashion Merchandising

Sam Snell

Sam Snell, Board Member
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Kevin Sommers

Kevin Sommers, Board Member
Major: Accounting

Brandon Stokes

Brandon Stokes, Board Member
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Grace Tryon

Grace Tryon, Board Member
Major: Communications