Minority Achievement Award

Thank you for your support of our great faculty and staff. This award honors an individual of any race or ethnic background whose efforts have attracted minority students to AU and/or whose efforts have contributed to the success, retention and graduation rates of minority students at AU. Additionally, this award honors an individual who has contributed to improved race relations and fostered a sense of community within the university. The recipient will be presented $1,000 and a plaque.

2014 Minority Achievement Award Winner

Robin Sabino | Website
English, College of Liberal Arts

Robin Sabino is a Professor at in the English Department at Auburn University where she directs the Department’s Undergraduate Studies Program. She is also the Director of the Africana Studies Program in the College of Liberal Arts. Her research focuses on language contact, variation and change. Ongoing projects include exploration of variationist models, multilingualism, continued development self-instructional materials for Tsalagi, and a descriptive study of monophthongization in Apalachicola, FL. Recent publications include Language Contact in the Danish West Indies: Giving Jack His Jacket (Brill 2012) and “The A-curve and Personally Patterned Variation: More Tools for Investigating Language Variation and Change” (American Speech).

The Auburn Alumni Association recognizes one Minority Achievement Award recipient each year.

Previous Recipients

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College of Liberal Arts

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College of Education

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College of Architecture Design and Construction

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Political Science

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Agricultural Economics

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Computer Science & Software Engineering

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Rehabilitation and
Special Education

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Discrete and Statistical Sciences

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Minority Engineering Program

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