Alumni Professors

What is the Alumni
Professor Award?

Twenty-five, five-year non-renewable Alumni Professorships are sponsored by the Auburn Alumni Association, with funds endowed from annual giving. The Alumni Writer-in-Residence, a creative writer from the English faculty, is the only ongoing appointment. The Professorships carry an annual $3,500 salary supplement. The Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost calls for nominations from department heads through deans. The awards are presented on the basis of research, publishing, and teaching.

2013 Alumni Professors

Art Chappelka

Forestry and Wildlife

Daniel Kim

Mechanical Engineering

Yu Lin


Nannan Liu

Entomology and Plant Pathology

Haroldo Toro

Veterinary Pathobiology

Current Alumni Professors

D. Allen Davis
Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures

Henry Kinnucan
Ag. Econ & Rural Sociology

Margaret Ross
Educational Found., Leadership & Technology

Herbert Jack Rotfeld

Chris Correia

Drew Hamilton
Computer Science and Software Engineering

Jay M. Khodadadi
Mechanical Engineering

Tin-Man Lau
Industrial Design

Kenneth W. Noe

Frank Bartol | e-mail
Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology

Curtis M. Jolly | e-mail
Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology

Mary T. Mendonca | e-mail
Biological Sciences

Subhash C. Sinha | e-mail
Mechanical Engineering

Wei Wang | e-mail
Industrial Design

Mark G. Steltenpohl | e-mail
Geology & Geography

Susan Brinson
Communication & Journalism

Steve Duke
Chemical Engineering

M. Daniel Givens

John W. Saye, Jr.
Curriculum & Teaching

Joey Shaw
Agronomy and Soils

Henry Fadamiro
Entomology and Plant Pathology

Narendra K. Govil
Mathematics and Statistics

Aleksandr Simonian
Mechanical Engineering

Bill Trimble

Daowei Zhang
Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

Chantel Acevedo*
English - Alumni Writer-in-Residence

*Alumni Writer-in-Residence (may be renewed at the end of five years)

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