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Spirit of Auburn CC

Auburn History

Here you will find books containing the history of Auburn, the university, and the outstanding men and women who call it home.

Lost Auburn: A Village Remembered in Period Photographs offers a dynamic record of the buildings that once stood in Auburn, Alabama, which have fallen to natural disaster, war, poverty, and neglect, and to what some would call progress. More than two hundred photographs of lost buildings give three historians the opportunity to relate stories of those who once worshipped, learned, and lived in Auburn. Together, these photographs and the accompanying text vividly convey the uniqueness of the village of Auburn that was.

Lost Auburn is more than just a document about the lost architectural fabric of a charming village. It is both a volume of insightful commentary and an opportunity to reflect on the role of community in the life of a Southern town.

"Echoes Strong and Clear" is a mix of historic and modern day images that will give Auburn alumni, or any fan of Auburn University, a sense of what student life was like for those who went before, during, or after their time at Auburn. They can relive the memories in "Echoes Strong and Clear", a 12 x 12 inch 160 page coffee table book, depicting Auburn University's historical transformation from its beginning to the present.

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Advancing American ArtAdvancing American Art: Painting, Politics, and Cultural Confrontation at Mid-Century
By Taylor D. Littleton and Maltby Sykes with an Introduction by Leon F. Litwack. 2nd ed. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2005, 159 pp.

Introductory chapters discuss the historical context in which Auburn’s Advancing American Art collection was acquired. The remainder of the book presents reproductions of the paintings in the collection with commentary on the artist and painting.

coverAuburn: A Pictorial History of the Loveliest Village
By Mickey Logue and Jack Simms. Revised ed. Auburn: 1996, 320 pp.

Although the subject of this book is the city of Auburn, much of it relates to the history of the university which is so tied to the town—all with interesting photographs and annotations provided by two former members of the journalism faculty.

coverAuburn: Plainsmen, Tigers, and War Eagles
By Elizabeth D. Schafer. Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2003, 128 pp.

Part of Arcadia’s College History series, this paperback consists entirely of annotated photographs with no framing text. Chapter titles include History, Campus Scenes, Student Life, Notable People on Campus, Interesting Students and Alumni, Traditions, and Sports




A Family Home
By Nell Richardson. University of Alabama Press, 2009, 184 pp.

Auburn's first lady during the presidency of her husband Dr. Ed Richardson, has written a graceful and affectionate history of Auburn University's President's Home from its construction as a WPA project on "Ag Hill" in 1938 to her own tenure as the University's first lady from early 2004 until the summer of 2007.


coverA History of Economics and Business at Auburn University
By David O. Whitten. Philadelphia: Gordon and Breach, 1992, 78 pp.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the College of Business and the 100th of the Department of Economics from which the College of Business developed, David O Whitten, Professor of Economic History, published the three essays and an introduction that, in his words, “provide an institutional study of economics and business at Auburn for over 130 years.” Four additional chapters are actually appendices listing faculty, staff and students.



coverInside Ag Hill: the People and Events that Shaped Auburn’s Agricultural History from 1872 through 1999
by Joe Yeager and Gene Stevenson. Auburn University: College of Agriculture with Chelsea MI: Sheridan Books, 2000, 655 pp.

Yeager (Professor and Department Head Emeritus of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology) and Stevenson (Editor Emeritus of Research Information at the Agricultural Experiment Station) team up to narrate how Auburn University administrators, faculty, researchers and extension agents have addressed the needs and demands of agriculture students, producers and consumers through the years indicated in the title. Numerous biographical sketches are provided with some photographs as well as six appendices of names, dates, and statistics.

Children's Books

Do you have a little tiger-in-training? Use these books, written by Auburn alumnus, to teach your cubs about Auburn traditions, gameday fun, and our lovable Aubie.

ABC's of AuburnThe ABC's of Auburn
by John Blackwell, illustrated by Auburn Students. Taylor Blackwell, 2005.

Young children will learn their alphabet with the help of this book conceived and written by an Auburn trustee and illustrated with the help of students in the Auburn Art Department. Each page introduces a letter accompanied by a word and illustration associated with Auburn.

coverAuburn Tigers 123: My First Counting Book
By Brad M. Epstein. Los Angeles: Michaelson Entertainment, 2006, 19 pp.

A sturdy, board book in the shape of a football helmet, this primer for young children helps them learn simple number through images of people and objects related to Auburn football.


coverAuburn 101: My First Text-Board-Book
Edited by Brad M. Epstein. Los Angeles, CA: Michaelson Entertainment, 2003, 16 pp.

A small, board book with pictures and identifying words about various facets of Auburn University sets youngsters on the road to Auburn at an early age. Topics covered include traditions, students, campus, classroom, sports, dormitory rooms as well as songs and cheers.


By Buddy Scott and Marsha Scott; illustrated by Karl Franklin. Auburn: Auburn Press, 1995, 32 pp.

Featuring one phrase of text per scene on a double page spread, this children's book illustrates the various activities that take place on gameday at Auburn Space for autographs and game day tickets can be found at the end.

coverHave You Seen my Bird?
By Roy Crowe (author) Latisha Duncan Henderson (illustrator)

A story of a group of children looking for a friend's bird on the campus of Auburn University. In the course of their search they discover many birds of prey and learn interesting facts about each. The book introduces Tiger, Auburn University's Golden Eagle. The back of the book includes photos of the birds along with a short biography of each. Serves as an introduction to birds of prey including falcons, eagles, owls and vultures.


coverHello Aubie!
By Aimee Aryal, illustrated by Danny Moore

In this illustrated hardcover children's book, Aubie takes the reader on a tour of the landmarks of Auburn University. Each turn of the page shows Aubie at a different landmark, culminating with a freshly rolled Toomer's Corner.

Auburn Sports

Gameday holds a special place in every tiger's heart, young and old. Celebrate and learn about Auburn athletics with these great books from Auburn alumnus.

101 Things Auburn Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die
by Glenn Anderson Triumph books

Evan Woodbery, who covers Auburn University sports for the Mobile Press Register, has collected essential activities, knowledge, and trivia related to Auburn football and ranked them from 1 to 100.

coverAuburn Football
By Elizabeth D. Schafer with a forward by Liston Eddins. Charleston: Arcadia, 2004, 128 pp.

Annotated photographs comprise this pictorial history of Auburn football by a devoted alumna. Chapters include Establishing Traditions, Notable People, Historic Rivalries, Significant Seasons, Team Spirit, Bowl Games, Beat Bama! and National Champions.


coverAuburn-Georgia Football: A Hundred Years of Rivalry
By George Scherer Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1992, 270 pp.

A resident of McCalla, AL, who is a devoted Auburn football fan (with Georgia as his second favorite), Scherer examines the South's oldest football rivalry in terms of the roots of the competition and each game played. Outstanding coaches and players are highlighted within the discussion. An appendix summarizes team records, head coaches, sites of games and performances of individual players.



coverAuburn Man: The life and Times of George Petrie
By Mike Jernigan

In his 5 decades at Auburn University, George Petrie founded the Auburn football program, coached the team to its first win, served as a beloved instructor and Dean of History, and wrote the Auburn Creed. This biography, with many pages of historic photographs of Auburn, is an exhaustive and inspiring story of a true “Auburn man”.




coverAuburn University Football Vault: The Story of the Auburn Tigers, 1892-2007
by David Housel. Atlanta: Whitman Publishing LLC, 2007, 144 pp.

A large boxed set, the word “vault” is in the title because forty reproductions of memorabilia appear as inserts and pastedowns throughout the volume. David Housel, Athletic Director Emeritus, asserts that this book is not intended to be the definitive history of Auburn football, but rather a collection of stories or legends that comprise “a memory book, a scrapbook” or even “a family album.”

coverBloodfeud: The Storied Rivalry of Alabama-Auburn Football
Birmingham, AL: Epic Sports, 2000, 160 pp.

Articles and photographs previously published in The Birmingham Age-Herald, The Birmingham Post and the Birmingham Post-Herald highlight twenty of the greatest victories in the Ironbowl for each university. A table at the end offers the winner, score and site of every game through 1999, while other chapters note memorable coaches, players and games.



coverCliff Ellis: The Winning Edge
by Cliff Ellis with Phillip Marshall Champaign, IL: Sports Publishing, 2000, 283 pp.

With Alabama native and Huntsville Times sportswriter Phillip Marshal, Cliff Ellis presents his autobiography that leads to his successful career coaching basketball at both Clemson and Auburn. Appendices include a list of his lettermen and coaching statistics.


coverLet's Talk.... Auburn
by Kevin Lynn and Robbie Bateman. Denver, CO: Outskirts Press, 2006, 104 pp.

Two alumni who graduated in 2001 and 1998 respectively promote Auburn by sharing memories of their experiences at the University. Most of them concern football with little mention of academics. A few photographs are interspersed throughout the volume.




coverKick 'Em Big Blue
By Al Browning. Sterrett, AL: Five Points South Productions and Montgomery, AL: Colonial BancGroup, 2001, 220 pp.

The dust jacket of this history claims it examines “fifteen great games and fifteen great names in Auburn football history from 1892 through 2000.” The reader will also find a history of the evolving football uniform in the introduction.



coverIn the Arena
By Pat Dye with John Logue. Montgomery, AL: Black Belt Press, 1992, 276 pp.

This autobiography by Pat Dye, who came to Auburn as football coach in 1981, spans his years growing up on a farm in Georgia to his career as coach at Auburn, ending with his plans for the team in 1992. A few photographs are interspersed throughout the volume.




coverSEC Team of the '80s: Auburn Football 1980-1989
By Landon Thomas. Atlanta, GA: Tigers Publishing, 2004, 394 pp.

An in-depth look at Auburn football during the decade of the 1980's, this 9x12 hardcover book features a foreword by 1985 Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson, a pictorial of more than 350 color photos and a detailed chronicle of every Auburn victory (86) and tie (two) during the most successful period in Auburn football history. From the seasons 1980 through 1989, the Tigers had an overall record of 86-31-2, which included a 40-21-1 mark in Southeastern Conference play and a 5-2-1 record in bowl games. Within the SEC, Auburn captured the most league championships during the 1980's and had the most Top 10 finishes in either of the two major news wire service rankings. Furthermore, in addition to being the only SEC team that did not have a losing record against a conference foe during the 1980's, the 1983 Auburn Tigers were the national champions in the New York Times poll.


coverShug: The Life and Times of Auburn’s Ralph ‘Shug’ Jordan
By Rich Donnell. Montgomery, AL: Owl Bay Publishers, 1993, 318 pp.

Rich Donnell, the author of this affectionate biography of one of Auburn’s most famous football coaches and beloved figures, is an 1977 Auburn alumnus in journalism. As the dust jacket states, he “tells Jordan’s story, from his birth in Selma, Alabama, on September 25, 1910 to his death in Auburn sixty-nine years later.”


coverStadium Stories: Auburn Tigers
By Phillip Marshall. Guilford, CT: Insiders’ Guide, 2005, 192 pp.

Sports writer Philip Marshal, who covers the Tigers for the Huntsville Times, has written a concise, easily-read history of the team, amply-illustrated. Important people and events are emphasized in bolded text inserts.


coverA Tiger’s Walk: Memoirs of an Auburn Football Player
By Rob Pate. Champaign, IL: Sports Publishing, 2004, 198 pp.

Rob Pate, who played for Auburn from 1997 through 2000, recounts his football career from yard football with his brothers during childhood to a brief stint with the NFL. In the process he intersperses his opinions about various issues connected to his football career and reveals a young man maturing on his way toward adulthood.


coverTouchdown Auburn: Memories and Calls from the Announcer’s Booth
by Jim Fyffe with Rich Donnell. Montgomery, AL: Donnell Group, 1996, 199 pp.

An announcer for Auburn football and basketball games from 1981 to 1996, Jim Fyffe rates the top dozen Auburn football games and discusses his involvement with them. He adds his approach to sports broadcasting, his heroes on the field, and his favorite co-workers while in the booth.



coverThe Uncivil War: Alabama vs. Auburn, 1981-1994
By Scott Brown and Will Collier. Nashville, TN: Rutledge Hill, 1995, 256 pp.

Graduates of Auburn and the University of Alabama team up to write a year-by-year account of the football rivalry that runs deep through their alma maters. According to the back cover, the fourteen years under consideration by this book encompassed “the end of Bear Bryant’s coaching career, the full span of Pat Dye’s tenure, a national championship under Gene Stallings, and an undefeated rookie season for Terry Bowden.”




coverWar in Dixie: Alabama v. Auburn
by Ivan Maisel and Kelly Whiteside. New York: HarperCollins, 2001, 240 pp.

With Kelly Whiteside covering Auburn and Ivan Maisel Alabama, each journalist slips behind the scenes to report what transpired at each university, day-by-day, during Iron Bowl Week 2000. As the dust jacket states, the book “reveals the passions and pressures that have made the Auburn Tigers—Alabama Crimson rivalry the most feverish in the nation.” Brief appendices offer concise factual information about the rivalry.



coverWhere Tradition Began: The Centennial History of Auburn Football
By Wayne Hester and the staff of the Birmingham News. Birmingham, AL: Seacoast Publishing and the Birmingham News, 1991, 234 pp.

This paperback fashions Auburn’s football history by reprinting articles and photographs that appeared in the Birmingham News through the years. Appendices offer numerous records with additional photos.


Pictorial Books

Discover why we call Auburn the loveliest village on the plains.

coverThe Auburn University Walking Tour Guide
By R. G. Millman. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Press, 1991, 107 pp.

Richard Millman is Professor Emeritus of Architecture at Auburn University and a fine watercolor painter. After introductory chapters giving a brief history of the university and campus planning, he presents four walking tours that highlight buildings on campus and their history. Each building is illustrated by a photograph or a black and white reproduction of one of Millman's paintings.

coverAuburn University, Auburn Alabama
By Lindsey Nolan and other Auburn students. Pittsburgh: College Prowler, 2006, 137 pp.

Part of the College Prowler guidebook series that offers student opinion on a college or university gathered by its students, this paperback presents brief opinions on such topics as academics, computers, parking, nightlife and even the weather with final opinions on overall experience. Each aspect receives a grade from A to F. Additional sections offer information on such aspects as student organizations, visiting, and words to know.

coverNeath the Sun-Kissed Sky: Auburn University at 150: A Celebration in Photographs
By the Office of Communications and Marketing at Auburn University, 2005. Auburn University Sesquicentennial, 2005, 151 pp.


Varied, sumptuous photographs, both historical and contemporary, comprise the chief appeal of this large format volume that was published to celebrate Auburn University's Sesquicentennial of 2006. A bit of historical text makes its way into the chronological organization of chapters. To order contact Photographic Services at 334-844-4560 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Inspirational Books

Get inspired by great Auburn alumnus, past and present.

coverHard Fighting Soldier: Finding God in Trials, Tragedies, and Triumphs
By Rev. Chette Williams. Decatur, GA: Looking Glass Books, 2007, 178p.

Rev. Chette Williams, former Auburn University football player and current full-time chaplain of the Auburn University football team, tells how God transformed his life and how God continues to use him to influence football players at Auburn and beyond. Filled with personal vignettes and inspirational life lessons, Hard Fighting Soldier is a personal look at faith in action.



I Believe in Auburn and Love It: A Collection of Auburn Letters and Essays
Compiled by Pat Dye with Lindsey Middleton. Auburn: Auburn Network, 2003, 209 pp.

Former Coach Pat Dye testifies to his love of Auburn by compiling a collection of letters in which former students, employees or just fans describe what Auburn University has meant to them. Dye intersperses his commentary in italics. Most letters are associated with athletics, but not all.


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