The mission of the Auburn Alumni Association is to foster and strengthen the relationship between Auburn University and its alumni and friends; to preserve and promote the university's traditions, purposes, growth and alumni; and to keep alive the spirit of affection and reverence for our alma mater.


The Auburn Alumni Association cultivates lifelong relationships between Auburn and its alumni and friends to support the advancement of our university.


The Auburn Alumni Association will strengthen its relationship with the university and improve representation of association interests.

The Auburn Alumni Association will support university scholarship and recruitment efforts.

The Auburn Alumni Association will increase its membership.

The Auburn Alumni Association will enhance the effectiveness of its communications.

The Auburn Alumni Association will enhance its programs, services and benefits. The Auburn Alumni Association will improve its financial position.

We are a member-based 501(c)3 organization funded by membership contributions, individual donations and corporate sponsorships/affinity program partners. We have a staff of 25 employees and mentor student interns who work with our team. Our membership base is one of the largest in the SEC, standing strong at 43,000 members.

In total, Auburn University has 190,000 mailable grads, making our membership base 27% of our total addressable grad base. Auburn University has 200,000 (total living) alumni. The Student Alumni Association (SAA) was established in 1999. Originally envisioned as a means to bridge the gap between students and alumni, the SAA has grown and developed into Auburn's largest campus organization with 3,500 active members.


Our Programs

Our alumni programs include activities to engage and reunite our alumni. Programs are geared to alumni of all ages and include (but are not limited to) a Student Alumni Association, a travel program, reunions (Golden Eagles), game-day hospitality tent festivities, awards and recognition events for outstanding alumni, minority alumni events, a scholarship program, and business partner programs which offer financial savings and reward programs to alumni. We also manage a national Auburn Club program which allows alumni throughout the nation to network and socialize with other grads. Clubs raise scholarship dollars for students meeting criteria of the clubs choosing.

Academic support, a mission of the Association and its Clubs, is achieved by raising financial support for a wide variety of programs aimed at enhancing Auburn 's academic reputation. A portion of contribution income from memberships, and a portion of corporate sponsorships/affinity partner programs, is awarded each year to scholarships, professorships, awards, and other areas of priority academic need as determined by the Auburn Alumni Association president and board of directors. In the last 10 years, the Auburn Alumni Association has awarded 730 student scholarships.

History of the Auburn Alumni Association

Although the Auburn University Alumni Association was formally incorporated as a non-profit organization on April 19, 1945, its history traces as far back as the late 1860s. During that time, the name of the association was called the Society of the Alumni.

Nearly twenty years went by before a group of former Auburn students made the conscious decision to establish a fund in order to provide disadvantaged young men an opportunity to earn an education. It is here where we find the early beginnings of the association. The association was first incorporated in 1894, but after enduring severe financial distress, the association folded in 1941. It was not until the end of World War II before interest in alumni efforts began to resurface. As noted earlier, the Auburn Alumni Association was re-incorporated on April 19, 1945. At this time, the name of the association was called the Association of Former Auburn Students.

The first recorded publication sent out to alumni, called The Alumni Quarterly, was launched in 1912. There were approximately three thousand subscribers who received the first publication. Shortly thereafter in 1914, the title of the quarterly publication was changed to The Alumnus. After the association's re-incorporation in 1945, a new alumni newsletter was put in place and was called The Alumnews. Nearly 50 years passed before the quarterly publication received another facelift. The newsletter concept subsided and the idea of a magazine format was introduced. Auburn Magazine debuted in the spring of 1994 and has since been regarded as one of the premier alumni quarterly publications in the nation.

The first full-time director of the association was Harry M. (Happy) Davis. After serving in this capacity for six years, Davis stepped aside and allowed Joseph B. Sarver to take charge in 1951. Sarver is credited with creating numerous alumni chapters across the state and the country. Increased support of academics, along with the creation of several scholarship opportunities, fueled alumni giving during Sarver's tenure. The implementation of various programs such as the Auburn Development Program in 1959, the Auburn Annual Giving Fund in 1965, and the Alumni Professorship Program in 1966 were fostered during Sarver's tenure as well.

Retiring after 25 years of service, Sarver was replaced by former Auburn assistant football coach George L. (Buck) Bradberry as Executive Director of the Auburn Alumni Association in 1976. During Bradberry's tenure, he not only implemented the Auburn Generations Fund, but is also credited with incorporating a computer system in 1979 as well, which allowed streamlined access to demographic and financial information of all alumni and friends. Bradberry retired in 1985 and Jerry F. Smith took over the reigns as the next Executive Director. Smith spearheaded the funding efforts of the new Alumni Center, as well as implementing The Samford Society, the Library Endowment Fund, and several phone-a-thons.

In September of 1986, a resolution was passed for the new Alumni Center by Smith and former Auburn Alumni Association president Robert D. Word, Jr. '55. The building opened its doors on May 6, 1989 and houses full-time staff members of both the Office of Alumni Affairs and the Office of Development.

Currently, Dr. Deborah L. Shaw '84 serves as the Vice President of Alumni Affairs and Executive Director of the Auburn Alumni Association, replacing former Vice President of Alumni Affairs Betty M. DeMent '71 in March of 2004.

In 1999, the Auburn Student Alumni Association was established as the student chapter of the national Auburn Alumni Association. Originally envisioned as a means to bridge the gap between students and alumni, the SAA has grown and developed into Auburn's largest membership-based campus organization with 2,800 active members. The SAA sponsors events throughout the year that focus on diverse areas of student interest. These events provide students the opportunity for professional and social development, while facilitating networking with Auburn alumni.

The Auburn Alumni Association Board of Directors is currently comprised of 26 members (19 voting). The board meets three times a year to discuss matters and issues relative to the Association. The Office of Alumni Affairs currently has a full-time staff of 25 individuals.

The mission of the Auburn Alumni Association is to foster and strengthen the relationship between Auburn University and its alumni and friends; to preserve and promote the University's traditions, purposes, growth and Alumni; and to keep alive the spirit of affection and reverence for our alma mater.

Sources: Dwayne Cox, Head Archivist Ralph B. Draughon Library, Auburn University

Older Version of the History of the Auburn Alumni Association (Circa 1990) (author unknown)

Auburn Alumni Association Pamphlet from May 1945

Copies of The Alumnews

Alumni by State

Although Auburn Alumni live around the world, we are still part of a family. Below is some information about "your family." Map information is current as of July 2010. Go to auburnclubs.org and find the Auburn Club nearest you. If your city or state doesn't have an Auburn Club, find out how to establish one.

All Living Alumni

Addressable male

Addressable female




*Note: these are self reporting numbers


All Alumni By College:








Human Sciences

Liberal Arts



Veterinary Medicine















All Alumni By Class Year:













*All alumni information updated January 2012

Demographics of a member

Members come from all walks of life. Not all members are Auburn graduates, but we all have one thing in common – we love Auburn University. The information below is current as of July 2010.

The average age of an Auburn Alumni Association member is 46. The average life member is 49 years old.

Male: 25,669
Female: 14,728
*note: these are self-reporting numbers

Members By College:

Agriculture: 1,859
Business: 9,683
CADC: 1,846
COSAM: 2,634
Education: 6,204
Engineering: 8,992
Forestry: 494
Human Sciences: 1,603
Liberal Arts: 5,535
Nursing: 349
Pharmacy: 1,493
Veterinary Medicine: 1,087

Members By Class Year:

2010-2019: 1,467
2000-2009: 4,214
1990-1999: 7,588
1980-1989: 9,213
1970-1979: 9,707
1960-1969: 6,112

Membership FAQ

Q: I'm a life member, and my spouse wants to join. Can he or she be added?
A: Spouses may be added to an existing life membership for $325.

Q: My child graduated recently. Is there a special rate for new graduates?
A: Auburn alumni who have graduated within the past four years may purchase an annual membership at a discounted rate of $25. For more, see www.aualum.org/newgrads..

Q: I recently joined the association, but my packet hasn't arrived in the mail. When should I expect it?
A: Members typically receive their packets within two to four weeks from the date they join the association. Questions? Call 334-844-2960.

Q: What happens if my spouse and I, who together purchased a joint life membership, elect to divorce?
A: Former spouses may decide either to split the joint membership into separate memberships (with any remaining payments divided equally), or one spouse may keep the joint membership in full. The written consent of both parties is necessary. Call 334-844-2960 to discuss details.

Q: A relative recently passed away. Who should I notify as regards his or her membership status?
A: Email our records department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Memberships are closed after a person's death and are not transferrable.

Q: What is the Alumni Hospitality Tent?
A: The Alumni Hospitality Tent is a celebratory event hosted by the Auburn Alumni Association prior to each home football game. The tent opens three hours before kickoff and closes 30 minutes before kickoff. Members are admitted free of charge and may bring one guest for $5. Children ages 3 and under receive free admission. Children ages 4 to 12 are admitted for $5 each. All other guests pay $10. Food and drinks are provided, along with entertainment and special guests, such as Aubie and the Auburn University Marching Band.

Q: Do I have to bring my membership pin or card to get into the Alumni Hospitality Tent?
A: For express entrance, members may simply show their pins or cards at the gate. For those without proof of membership, there are tables near the tent entrance where alumni staffers can verify membership status.

Q: We've had a birth in our family! How do I contact Auburn Magazine to submit a birth announcement? Can I receive a Tiger Cub Certificate?
A: To submit a birth announcement to Auburn Magazine, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. containing the parents' names, place of residence, the child's full name and date of birth. Parents must be members of the Auburn Alumni Association to receive a Tiger Cub certificate; to request a certificate, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q: I need to update my address, phone number or marriage status. Who do I contact?
A: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 334-844-2944 to update information in our alumni database. You may also enter updates online at http://www.aualum.org/network.

Q: I'd like to give an association membership as a gift. How do I do this?
A: Call 334-844-2960 to discuss purchasing a gift membership. We're happy to send the membership packet to either you or the recipient.

Q: I'm looking for an old friend. How can I find his or her contact information?
A: Our online community is a great place to start looking for friends. You may register and perform detailed searches for classmates at http://www.aualum.org/network.
You may also look up friends in our printed alumni directory, which is published every five years. Directories are able for viewing at the Auburn Alumni Center. To order a book for yourself, call 800-877-6554. (Due to privacy laws, we cannot release personal information on individual alumni without their permission. We may be able to facilitate connections between individuals, however. For details, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)

Q: Does my membership include library and aquatics center privileges?
A: Association members may access the Ralph Brown Draughon Library* and James E. Martin Aquatics Center on campus. You will need to visit the Office of Identity Management, located in the OIT Building at 300 Lem Morrison Drive, in order to receive an ID card. For details, see http://www.auburn.edu/oit/idm/. You will need to show a current form of ID and current membership card. For more information about the aquatics center, see http://aquatics.auburn.edu/.
* Library usage is restricted to checking out books and accessing certain public databases. The James E. Martin Aquatics Center offers $20 off a 3 month pass or $100 off an annual pass for Auburn Alumni Association members.

Q: I agreed to pay five annual installments to complete my life membership. I have missed a payment. What should I do?
A: Payments are due the same month each year, and payment reminders are sent via mail, email, and phone calls. After a payment is 30 days late, your membership status goes inactive, and you no longer receive membership benefits. If you were paying at an old rate (rates increased in 2011) and your membership has lapsed, you can pay off your membership at the old rate within one year of your expiration date. Otherwise, you will have to begin paying installments at the new rate.

Q: I started my life membership payments under the old rate. I see rates have changed; do I still make the same payment?
A: Yes—you may continue paying the old rate as long as your membership has not lapsed for one year. After one year, you will have to make payments under the new rate. To make a payment under the old rate, you need a paper form or you may pay by phone at 334-844-2960.

Q: I'm an annual member, and I want to add my spouse—can I do that?
A: Yes—if you joined less than three months ago, you may add your spouse for $15. If you joined more than three months ago, it's best to wait until receiving a renewal notice, at which point you may purchase a joint membership.

Q: I am not an Auburn University graduate—may I still join the association to support Auburn?
A: Yes! We have more than 4,000 non-graduate members. Join today at www.aualum.org/join

Q: I graduated from Auburn University Montgomery. Can I join the Auburn Alumni Association?
A: Yes! You may join AUM's association, the Auburn Alumni Association or both at www.aualum.org/join

Q: I joined as a life member many years ago. I've heard that children of life members receive tuition assistance; is that true?
A: Children of fully paid life members may be eligible for alumni scholarship assistance provided they meet certain academic criteria. Call 334-844-2995 for details.


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